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Catholic Bible Study

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The mission of this community is to promote Biblical studies within the living Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Anything and everything relating to that is welcome here. If you are somebody who wants to learn more about the teachings of the Church on the Bible, the Church's teaching on passages in the Bible, or anything else regarding the Church and the Bible this is the place to ask. While we're all amateurs here, at least to my knowledge, we will attempt our best to answer any and all inquiries.

With that said, there are certain things not welcome here:
1) General rudeness, insults, flames, ad hominems, etc. are unacceptable: This is fairly obvious, it benefits no one to participate in any of this behaviour. Any posts or comments deemed as such will be deleted and the user may be banned (Depending on the extent). A warning will be given otherwise.
2) Anti-Catholicism is unacceptable: This is a Catholic community to promote Catholic teachings, we won't tolerate anti-Catholicism at all. Any posts or comments deemed as such will be deleted and the user will be banned.
3) Inquiries about Catholic morals, social teachings, or anything else not directly related to the Bible are not allowed: This is not the goal of this community, there are plenty other communities out there to ask these questions in. Of course, questions about where in the Bible the Catholic Church receives her teachings are welcomed, since these are Bible related. Any posts or comments not deemed as Biblically related will be deleted.
4) Be kind, charitable, and assume the best intentions of any questions asked: This will help prevent arguments and reduce the headaches of moderators. Not only that but it promotes a true Christian environment, which is what we want at catholicbible.
5) The word of the moderator is final: If a moderator decides to break up a potentially volatile situation their word is final. Do not continue the discussion if a moderator says it is over.
6) Long posts should be put under a LJ-cut: It's just a simple courtesy to members. If your post is long, give it a cut.

Moderators have the right to enforce these rules if they see violations. Repeated violations will result in the banning of the user. Appeals can be made to one of the moderators: cerulianphoenix and bel_fiore.

Finally, please leave an introduction and say hello to the community.